Congestion Charging in Edinburgh & Glasgow: Parliamentary Petition

Cut Congestion and Improve Roads and Sustainable Transport

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No-one would pay more than the cost of a day saver bus ticket

The petition calls on the Government to legislate for congestion charging on gas-guzzlers in Edinburgh & Glasgow, with the proceeds used to bring suburban rail lines back into use to carry commuters, fix potholes, more park and ride and fix cycling black spots. Those living within the zone and disabled would not pay.

Present legislation requires that any congestion charging proposals can only proceed after consultation, which virtually guarantees they will never happen. For has any party ever won a referendum on asking people to may more tax? That’s not how London went about its scheme. Ken Livingston had it in his manifesto; he was elected; it was implemented.

Read the petition here: PE1607: Congestion charging in major Scottish cities

It is too late get your name added, but we want to build a network of those who are interested in the progress of this through parliament. You may even want to present evidence (anonymously) that will strengthen our case. Get in touch here and you’ll get an e-mail when there are developments.

PE01607 Legislate for congestion charging in Edinburgh & Glasgow with the proceeds used to subsidise more sustainable modes of transport, such as re-opening suburban railways that were closed, or reduced to freight by Beeching; fixing cycling black spots; better park and ride facilities; and improved road surfaces (e.g. filled potholes).

Congestion charging would reduce car usage in town centres and improve air quality. It would not apply to electric vehicles and would be weighted against gas–guzzlers. It would not be levied on residents within congestion charge zones or disabled. Local authorities would gain and control the proceeds of the congestion charges. Charge to any driver entering charging zone should be same as costs of a day saver ticket on the bus.

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