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There’s always something to complain about

Since March 2010 Kids not Suits has been making a rammy about something or other…

Whistleblowing Hotline at Edinburgh Council

Learn about the petition to the Petitions Committee that started it all  here and more here.

Argument that Regional delivery  is better than Unitary Council Education Authorities

Scotland is over-governed. In comparison to England, our Local Education Authorities (LEAs) serve half as many people pro-rata. If LEAs were merged or abolished, there would be more money for schools to reduce class sizes and for Councils to improve public services. More here

Early Years Education

In a false economy, Edinburgh Council is discouraging parents from deferring entry for their kids to P1 (ie keeping them back until they are age 6). And for P2 and P3 smaller class sizes really make a difference – Find out about Scottish local authorities and how Scotland compares with other countries here.

Edinburgh Schools Deserve Better

The Children & Families Dept at Edinburgh Council needs to change its ways. It needs to take staff out of the back office and into the front line. It needs to stop closing schools and make better use of the underused ones. More here

Petition for Whistleblower Hotlines at all Scottish Councils

Learn about the petition to the Scottish Parliament calling for every Scottish Council to have a whistleblower hotline to report mismanagement, with reports overseen by councillors from each party. More here.

Campaign to get Gangster’s Cash out of Scottish Rugby coffers and into the poor communities where it was Intended for.

This campaign against the misuse of the Proceeds of Crime Act (POCA) Funding observed that cash seized from gangsters and distributed by the Scottish Government wasn’t all going to the purposes for which it was intended. Kids Not Suits was successful in campaigning to see more of it being spent on playparks and kickpitches in the poorest communities. More here.

Campaign to Save Castlebrae High School

Kids not Suits congratulated the Council for not closing Castlebrae High School in Craigmillar. To learn more, see the Castlebrae High School Has Been Saved page.  You can learn even more about the campaign that kept the school open on the Save the Brae website and on Facebook

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